POLYVAGAL theory (safe and sound)

Polyvagal Theory, developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, a renowned researcher and Chief Scientific Advisor at Unyte Health, focuses on how our body and nervous system react to situations that make us feel safe, threatened, or in danger.

This theory provides a scientific framework that combines physical and cognitive approaches to help us change and improve how we feel, think, and connect with others. It's like a roadmap for understanding our body's reactions and behaviors.

- Feel Better: Instead of reacting impulsively, it teaches us to respond thoughtfully to life's challenges, making us more resilient.
- Think Better: By accessing higher learning and cognition, we can better understand and remember important information, boosting our confidence and ability to contribute to society.
- Connect Better: It helps us build positive social relationships and truly connect with others.

Our brain's ability to change in response to different experiences is called "neuroplasticity." The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) and Focus System are based on this idea. They provide gentle stimulation to activate specific pathways in our brain responsible for processing sensory information. Through repeated sessions, these pathways get stronger, making it easier for our nervous system to feel safe and regulated.

Understanding Polyvagal Theory

Polyvagal Theory helps us:


THE VAGUS NERVE: The vagus nerve connects our mind and body, running from the brainstem to the colon. It helps regulate various bodily functions like heart rate, digestion, and speaking. This nerve acts as a communication channel, sending signals to our brain about what's happening in our body and the world around us.

Polyvagal Theory categorizes our physiological states into three levels:
- Parasympathetic/Ventral Vagal State: This is our centered, relaxed state where social interaction and creativity thrive.
- Sympathetic State: It's the feeling of threat or danger, triggering our fight or flight response.
- Dorsal Vagal State: This is our freeze state, where we feel so threatened that we become immobilized.

At Yellowstone Counseling, we aim to help everyone regulate their nervous system to feel safe, happy, and healthy, enabling them to respond effectively to life's challenges. We offer multisensory products, including music, movement, and breathing exercises, to promote meaningful and lasting changes in physiological state and quality of life. We collaborate with healthcare professionals to deliver these programs to both children and adults.

The Science Behind Polyvagal Theory

The Autonomic Ladder: Three Physiological States

Nervous System Regulation for Everyone

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